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Status of China\'s plastic formwork

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With the rapid development of China's construction industry, the role of building formwork in engineering construction has become increasingly prominent, especially since the new formwork and scaffolding application technology was selected by the Ministry of Construction as one of the 10 new technologies to be promoted and applied by the construction industry. Great progress has been made in the research, development, promotion and application of new plastic formwork in China, and a series of standards and regulations have been issued. In 2006, China promulgated the "Green Building Evaluation Standards", and in 2013, the national standards for "wood-plastic composite boards for building formwork", the "plastic formwork" industry standard, and the "Green Building Action Plan" were officially launched, and green building actions in various regions In full swing, many provinces and cities have introduced supporting policies for green building subsidies to vigorously promote the green process. In 2014, the "Green Building Evaluation Standards" were revised, and the industry standard of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, "Technical Specifications for Construction Plastic Composite Formwork Engineering," passed the review.
 4.1. Classification of market templates Faced with huge market demand and the guidance of industrial policies, many enterprises flocked to the country, and the types of plastic template products in China continued to diversify, such as: stereotyped combination reinforced plastic templates, strong plastic PP templates, wood ( (Bamboo, linen, glass fiber, etc.) fiber reinforced plastic templates, hollow ribbed plastic templates, sandwich foam plastic templates, engineering plastic large templates, steel frame plastic templates, wood-plastic composite templates, etc.
Product types: plastic steel template plastic steel template, plastic steel square wood, plastic steel yin and yang angle, plastic steel cylindrical template, plastic steel bridge template and other special-shaped templates. According to the material, it can be divided into: PVC, polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), polycarbonate (PC), acrylic-butadiene-styrene (ABS), high-density polyethylene (HDPE) According to the appearance, it can be divided into: solid board, hollow board, snap rib board, module assembly board, plastic square wood, plastic yin and yang angle.
1) The wood formwork is the mainstream. The wood formwork consumes a large amount of wood, and the scrap residual value is low. Deforestation is required, which is contrary to the protection of national policy advocates, and it is necessary to brush release agent in use.
2) In recent years, aluminum formwork has appeared, and the cost is high. It is mainly leased, and mold release agents are also used.
3) The aluminum frame plastic formwork is now available, the cost is lower than that of aluminum formwork, no mold release agent is needed, and it is easy to recycle. The operation model is the same as that of aluminum formwork, mainly based on leasing.
4) The plastic template is mainly made of PVC, PP modified solid and hollow, which is easy to recycle, and can be used up to 50 times. The template can be recycled and reused.

4.2 Quality Status of Plastic Formwork
The rugged development has brought plastic template companies mainly to small and medium-sized enterprises, which has not formed an effective large-scale production. The product technology research and development capabilities are relatively insufficient, resulting in uneven product quality, and the cost of production and product use costs have not been effective Improved, the performance characteristics of plastic formwork in engineering applications have not fully reflected their advantages, resulting in a low share of plastic formwork in the domestic market.
1). There have been many emulations in the past two years. There is no technical support, the core formula is not up to standard, and there are many problems with the marketing model. The after-sales service cannot keep up.
2) At present, all plastic formwork equipment in the industry can be fully loaded to produce 8 billion sales a year, which is far from the 570 billion wood formwork market.
3), can only adhere to quality first, continuously improve the formula, and continuously improve product quality to meet the needs of different customers, will go further, and can be recognized and accepted by the market.
4). Status of plastic formwork market According to market surveys, the annual consumption of building formwork nationwide is 570 billion yuan, and plastic formwork has just accounted for 5% of the market.
5) One-time investment by small builders is too high to accept.
6) The purchase intention of the central and state-owned enterprise builders is obvious. They can accept the use of plastic templates instead of wood and aluminum templates, but the installment payment method cannot meet the payment method for manufacturers with too small funds.
7). Leasing mode Any builder is easy to accept, 0.2-0.25 yuan / day per square meter, an average template of 1.67 square meters, and monthly rent is 10-12 yuan. However, manufacturers are generally small in scale and difficult in capital turnover, so they can only invest in the leasing market. Compared to the sales model, the rental model is currently the only option for distributors and manufacturers. We can only use the leasing model as a breakthrough to open the market and occupy the market.
8) Export orders have gradually increased and foreign acceptance is high.

4.4 Development of foreign plastic formwork In Germany, North America, Japan, South Korea and other countries with relatively developed plastic industries, plastic building formwork has begun to be produced on a large scale decades ago, gradually replacing wood formwork that is a waste of forest resources and production capacity. Higher cost steel formwork. Foreign plastic template companies are mainly concentrated in South Korea and Japan in Europe, North America and Asia. The number of enterprises is not large, but the production scale is large, the production technology is more advanced than domestic, and the variety of plastic template products is more diverse. Foreign plastic formwork products mainly include steel (aluminum) frame plastic formwork, engineering plastic large formwork, GMT construction formwork, hollow plastic formwork, foam insulation plastic formwork, plastic mold shells, decorative templates (lining molds), combined plastic templates, etc. Widely used in wall, floor, column and other building construction. There are also special-shaped plastic templates that are processed into various shapes and surface patterns. The products have rich finishes and various shapes. The formed concrete has a unique shape and surface texture. In order to enhance the strength and rigidity of the plastic template, increase the number of plastic template turnovers and improve the quality of the template product. Generally, there are the following ways: 1) adding reinforcing fibers during the preparation of the plastic template; 2) covering the surface of the plastic template with a reinforcing layer or making a sandwich plastic template; 3) adding a rib plate to the plastic template or making a hollow ribbed plastic template . In addition, foreign plastic templates have formed a variety of template systems, such as the EPIC plastic template system developed by the Slovenian EPIC Group Company, the FUVI plastic template company in Vietnam developed a full plastic template system, and the GEOTUB plastic template company in Italy developed plastic flat templates and arcs. Shaped formwork for a variety of concrete structures such as walls, slabs, beams and columns. However, China's plastic formwork has not yet formed a system, and most companies only produce plastic flat plates, which are mainly used for horizontal formwork in construction and bridge engineering.

4.5 Problems in the development of plastic formwork
  In summary, the analysis of the index basically reflects the current trend of the development of the plastic template industry, but plastic template companies will still have some problems in the development process.
First, there is no uniform standard for development, and product quality varies. With the rapid development of the plastic template industry, more and more enterprises have entered the market, and vicious competition among peers has led to the flow of "good products" into the market, affecting the healthy development of the industry.
Second, the industrial chain structure needs to be optimized urgently, and contradictions in the upstream and downstream industrial chains are prominent. Among them, the quality of raw materials is difficult to control, and the trend of rising prices is obvious, leading to rising product costs of manufacturers and slowing market prices.
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