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Commercial research on hollow plastic formwork

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01. Product feasibility
Product feasibility is mainly to study whether the product can meet its use in the market, which has been discussed in our previous articles. In this article, I will briefly talk about the advantages of the product. If you need detailed information or need site inspection, you can contact us in the background!
Cost advantage:
The polymer energy-saving template realizes environmental protection, low carbon, energy saving and cyclic development. It can be turned around many times. The traditional wooden template will be broken about 5 times, and the plastic template can be used about 50 times. Calculated from the long-term comprehensive cost, the cost of plastic formwork is lower than that of traditional formwork. The recycling rate of plastic formwork is more than 5-10 times that of wood formwork, and the comprehensive cost is only 1 / 3-1 / 6 of wood formwork. Plastic formwork can be used multiple times, and materials can be recycled, saving resources and reducing costs.

Installation advantages:

Plastic units are light in weight and can be applied to a variety of processes. Templates with different shapes can be made according to the size of the design component. The plastic formwork can be sawed, drilled, glued, etc. without affecting its normal function. It can also be made into various geometric shapes (cylindrical and curved structures do not need to purchase special templates) to meet various shapes of buildings. Component support mold requirements. The plastic formwork is light in weight. It is low in labor intensity, convenient and safe to carry during various constructions, which can save manpower and improve construction efficiency. The plastic formwork can also be used in combination with other materials, which is very convenient for construction.

Demoulding advantages:

When demoulding, no mold release agent is needed, and the concrete does not stick to the formwork. Because the surface of the plastic formwork is relatively smooth and the formwork splicing is relatively flat, the concrete surface after demoulding is very flat and smooth, and it is not necessary to perform a second plastering, saving material and time. Plastic formwork does not absorb water, which is conducive to the later maintenance of concrete. It is convenient to store and can be placed in the open air without absorbing water.
If you want to make use of the various advantages of plastic formwork in actual use, you must not only pay attention to the selection of formwork materials and fastening materials, but also strengthen the construction quality. Only in this way can the plastic formwork stand out among the various forms, and detailed construction advice manuals can be obtained in the background.

02. Feasibility of the industrial chain
The feasibility of the industrial chain is mainly discussed from the beginning of the product life cycle, including raw materials, finished templates, and recycling after use!
Raw materials
At present, some manufacturers of template raw materials on the market have 4-5 years of mass production experience. It can be said that 4 years is a trial and error process. The current products are relatively complete under the current price system. Higher-level products exist but do not exist in this price system. For the 60 / sheet templates that previously existed in the template industry, it was customers who were unfamiliar with the product. Aiming at the tax-free gray-white PP material less than 7000 / ton on the market, which claims to be a brand new material 8003, it is another trap in itself. Now 8003 new material is at least 9300 price. According to 30 parts of mineral filling, the cost of plastic in the material will be more than 6,500! It can be said that it is the old bottled new wine of some template factories!

The product is the most important piece for the entire business. Without this piece, the whole business is problematic. Therefore, this part is not detailed here. The mature use of the product can be discussed in the background.


At this stage, manufacturers that operate well all have their own construction manuals and recycling systems. Some of the recycling is done independently, and some of them cooperate with other companies. Here are some reasons why recycling should be done, the commercial value of recycling and the value to the template business operation itself.
At this stage, the price of material recycling by the formwork factory is generally 3,000-3500 excluding tax. The cost of external processing is different in different regions in Anhui, which is about 1200, and other places are generally 1500. Note that this price is mostly the price of gray plates. After the overall treatment, the cost is about 5000, and the tax-included cost is only 5,500. Compared with the one-time purchase of modified materials, there is a large price difference. If this material is a better material purchased before, the performance will not be particularly poor after the life cycle. It can partially replace the previous material, and the cost advantage is immediately apparent. Therefore, the current recycling of plate companies only aims at the plates they leave the factory, and has a general understanding of the performance, and will not be randomly recycled in the market.
Recycling is also very advantageous for product promotion. The recycling price of 3000-3500 is equivalent to a price reduction of 45 per sheet. Committing to the customer the price of the single board is very advantageous, and the price of the board can be achieved within 100.
The significance of recycling is that business has become a closed loop, and a closed loop business model cannot be easily opened. For example, my plate recycling price remains the same, but I can lower the selling price to resist other competitors, or the selling price remains the same and increase my recycling price. Low-threshold industries must create their own commercial moats. Commercial moats can also be used in the template industry.
note! !! !! The premise of a good board costing less than 100 / zhang is to seriously check whether the sheet metal company has this strength. If you don't have the full recovery ability, I will tell you 80 / zhang. Please brighten your eyes! !! !!
The most important thing to do in a cycle is to have processing capabilities. This ability includes not only equipment, but also related qualifications, and whether there is an environmental assessment. Because strict environmental protection such as cleaning is not something any company can do! If a single company can't, it can find a relatively large industry for strategic cooperation. If you have an idea, you can contact the background to discuss if you have a certain weight.
Here we answer a question that everyone is more concerned about is whether the template company should do a modification of the modified material. The answer is yes-yes.
However, after analyzing the above situation, I also suggest that the owner of the template factory must do a good job of the board first, because the board is the root of the business, and the root of your business! A certain amount of body can be involved in the recycling system, and finally in granulation. Any business starts with the establishment of its own core advantages. Focusing on the Red Sea is definitely not a savvy businessman or a qualified entrepreneur. The better sheet metal factories that are currently doing are doing a good recycling system first. Really let customers feel the benefits (currently the biggest problem in the promotion of plastic templates is that the price is not used, the fastest and most convenient solution is to recycle the old boards), and first perfect the entire business model. You can also contact me in the background for specific information on how other companies do it. It is not convenient to disclose in the article because it involves core corporate information.

03, policy feasibility
Replacing wood with plastic:

Substituting wood for plastics has been advocated by the state, but this is not much to say.

Environmental protection:
When it comes to environmental protection, everyone may feel deeply. The subsequent environmental protection will become more and more strict. China's development has entered a new stage, and extensive development will no longer exist. The price increase of wood formwork has a lot to do with environmental protection. At this stage, it is quite difficult to approve a wood formwork factory, but plastic formwork factories or plastic products are still very convenient. We only have Waste gas treatment, hazardous waste treatment companies are now more formal. So from the perspective of environmental protection, the future plastic template is definitely a trend!
Regeneration cycle:
Recycling is not new in the plastics industry, but for the past two years, China and the world's chemical giants have been working towards recycling. However, their recycling is relatively complicated and can complete a product like our template companies. Closed loops are still rare. Chairman Xi, Premier Li has repeatedly proposed a circular economy this year, and our template industry is fully capable of being a demonstration project of a circular economy. I believe that a certain scale can also be supported by policies and funds at the government level.
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