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Highly transparent soft PVC crystal sheet extrusion line

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Highly transparent soft PVC crystal sheet extrusion line

Highly transparent soft PVC crystal sheet extrusion line

Gwell highly transparent PVC soft sheet (crystal sheet) extrusion line adopts single screw extruder with PVC granules. The unique screw structure, combined with the Gwell vacuum hopper, enables the product to achieve highly transparent effect, and the product will not harden in the cold temperature of 30 degrees below zero. Auxiliary design adhering to the principle of multi-purpose machine, in the case of no need to make any changes to the equipment, can produce three different patterns of PVC curtain without shutting down the machine.  

Features of highly transparent PVC soft sheet extrusion production line:
* screw with special mixing function and high plasticizing capacity design.
* hanger die head adopts special double throttling design to make plate thickness adjustment more accurate.
* temperature control ±1C can accurately control the plasticizing process and product thickness, flatness.
* three-roll calender adopts horizontal, vertical or 45 degree tilt type, which can be raised or lowered freely.
* plate thickness control adopts screw adjustment and press wheel two-way adjustment to control plate thickness

Gwell PVC highly transparent soft sheet/crystal sheet features:

* smooth surface, no cracks, no bubbles, uniform color, heat resistance, cold resistance, aging resistance, stress resistance, strong acid and alkali resistance, good light transmission and long service life. To a certain extent, it can replace the use of glass. Especially soft glass anti - impact, anti - pull characteristics, not only to ensure its long service life, more important is not to cause harm to the human body. In winter it is warm and in summer it is cool and its qualitative soft characteristic makes desktop office personnel works particularly comfortable.
* anti-light, no deformation, no breaking, no hardness, high elasticity.
* soft and easy to write.
* heat 100℃, cold -30℃, strong acid, alkali, pressure resistance, help improve the efficiency of desktop work, for the restaurant can reduce the cleaning cost, add elegant and beautiful restaurant
* one method extrusion molding, products do not stratify,under low temperature environment it is still soft

Highly transparent soft PVC crystal sheet extrusion line Basic parameters (please consult sales engineer for details)

Type of extruder

Single screw extruder (with Gwell patented vacuum hopper)

Width of Products


Thickness of Products




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