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PC PMMA Optical Sheet Extrusion Line

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PC PMMA Optical Sheet Extrusion Line

PC PMMA Optical Sheet Extrusion Line

PC, PMMA optical sheet production line equipment screw adopts special mixing function and high plasticizing ability design to minimize the generation of crystal points. The hanger-type die adopts a special double-throttle design with coarse adjustment and fine adjustment to make the thickness adjustment of the sheet more accurate. The PC, PMMA production line equipment manufactured by Kingwell has reached or approached world-class equipment standards in terms of energy consumption, intelligence, automation indicators, safety standards, and process standards. The device has multiple invention and utility model patents, which is a choice to replace imported first-class equipment, but it has an unbeatable cost-effective advantage. Three-roller calender temperature control ± 1 ℃ can accurately control the plasticizing process and the thickness of the sheet, flatness, and bright surface of the roll. Different material plates, different types of three-roll calender are used to make the production process more perfect.

PC PMMA Optical Sheet Extrusion Line

Usage of PC, PMMA optical sheet :
PC optical sheet products are mainly used in the automobile industry; Thin film switch for electronics and electrical industry; Computer, mobile phone, commercial LCD; Sunglasses, sun hat, plating mirror, protective mask; Special printing;  Instrument examines dish, piping system, insurance glass, writing pad, slide show projection equipment parts, but also widely used in machinery, electronics, automotive, construction, supplies, and other fields, and is rapidly expanded to aviation, aerospace, computer, CD, optical fiber and many other high-tech fields, greenhouses, tunnel lighting, garden, recreational places singular decoration and resting places gallery pavilion, booth, advertising signs, light box advertising display exhibition layout, wall, roof, high-grade interior decoration materials, such as screen highway and city highway noise barriers, agricultural greenhouse and breeding greenhouses, engineering noise barrier, ceiling lighting, building materials industry, Industrial products, anti-theft and bulletproof facilities, electronic display LED baffle, resin board, basketball board, transparent aviation container, motorcycle windshield, aircraft, train, ship, automobile, steamship, submarine, glass military and police shield, medical packaging and other fields. 

PC PMMA Optical Sheet Extrusion Line
PC PMMA optical sheet extrusion line Basic parameters (please consult sales engineer for details)


PC optical sheet extrusion line

PMMA optical sheet extrusion line

Width of Products



Thickness of Products






PC PMMA Optical Sheet Extrusion Line
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